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Is Italian USB keyboard now working with the etch installer for PowerPC?

In #266691, Giovanni Ridolfi reported about a non working USB Italian
keyboard with an old version of the sarge installer.

Giuseppe Sacco then confirmed the bug.

However, since then, we released sarge and the etch installer had
numerous changes, including some for USB keyboard handling.

May someone wuickly test whether a recent image of the etch installer
is now working on that hardware?

You can pick up one on
http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer....just pick up the
netboot or businesscard image of beta2, boot it (even on a machine you
don't want to install...the test can be stopped before being
destructive) and test whether the keyboard mapping is correct after
choosing the keyboard (for instance by switching to VT2).

Without news, I'll close this bug report in 2 weeks, if I don't forget.


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