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[Fwd: Now Recruiting: New Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution project at ParTecs.com]

Dear GNU/Linux desktop distribution expert,

we have plans to hire a geographically-distributed team to develop a newer version of our Desktop GNU/Linux-based distribution (NPDE). Please, feel free to forward this email to people that you think may qualify to play a leading role in the creation of such department within ParTecs.

NPDE 1.0 will be launched and distributed next january 2005, in thousands of copies, at the largets expo of transnational political organizations, the World Social Forum 5 in Porto Alegre.

At such event, we will offer deployment, customization, training and support services, based on our own NPDE 1.0, to major international political parties, union and non-governmental organizations.

Our immediate goal is, therefore, to recruit, in the next 1-2 months, the following team of employees and consultants:
-  3-5 technical experts based in our Pune office in India.
-  2 part-time (or full-time) Italy-based high-level expert that can provide some or all of the following functions: project management, client admin trianing, large-scale deployment management, client admin support, requirements acquisition. Such people will either be based in Rome or able to travel to Rome or elsewhere for 4-10 working days per month. Applicants should  be highly responsible and apt at growing into managerial and sales positions.


- Typical users will be a simple members or mid-level officials of a Europe-wide political party, using a personal PC or a party PC (personal and/or shared) at a party local neighborhood office.
- Power users may include elected officials and party leaders. They may each be provided with a personally-encrypted Live/installable CD (and/or Mini-CD) version. Such CD (s) may be coupled with an encrypted USB for secure carryable data storage and/or authentication (for installed desktops).


- Will be a real working version that may potentially be deployed by interested customers with or without onsite technical help, as opposed to our earlier version.
- Will include both a Live and an installable version.
- Will enable language and localization (currency, numbering,units of measure, etc.) both at boot-up stage, as well as enable switching between languages/localization setups (at least english, spanish, french, portuguese, chinese, hindi; but also others).

(Live on RAM and permanent on hardrive)

- Will include the latest and greatest of installers, such that installation is easy on windows systems as dual-boot or as Live CD.
- Will possibly support well: most videocards; most motherboards;older printers; newest cameras; EU DSL and regular modems.
- Will provide a user-friendly installed (possibly graphic?) that enables the largest majority of typical users to go through it in a few 10s of minutes, without onsite support and with minimal telephone support.
- Installation process should require a minimum of onsite technical support and enable full maintainance from remote via SSH and via a VNC-like tool.
- Applications must include: work processing; fax and receiving sending; flyers preparing and printing, PDF editing and viewing, web authoring, multi-user email client. Such applications will be selected based on quality, maturity, features etc. but also on the availability in localized version for many of the target languages (possibly all EU languages)


- Will enable high and very security and privacy while sending and receiving emails and faxes, as well as during web sessions or docuemtn editing and viewing.
-- For high security users (such as organization offcials), we may distribute CDs especially burned for each member that include unique user keys that are read each time by web, email, fax and document-viewing/editing applications. Such users may use the fully encrypted applications Live form the CD as well as installed on the harddrive.
- Will enable secure and private sending and receiving emails.(...)
- Will enable secure and private sending and receiving of faxes.(...)

(our server-based groupware application)

- A installable/Live modified version of Zope and PT 1.0 will be included in the CD.
- Such local client interface to PT 1.0 will enable users to work offline reviewing, interacting and submitting documents on a local mirror copy which includes most of the data contained in the server centralized reporsitory.
- Beyond, enabling offline us by web users of PT 1.0, it also provides for a very efficient and fast way to interact with the system for users that have slow and/or expensive internet connections.


NPDE will be build by extending and modifying an existing gnu/linux distribution.
We are enclined to use an existing Debian-based distribution, such as Debian-NP, as we did for the first version last year.
However, we will initially examine existing distribution comparison data and perform our own comparisons to make sure we develop NPDE 1.0 based on the most adequate distribution.


If you feel you may qualify, please contact me and
Venkat@partecs.com with your references.

Best Regards,

Rufo Guerreschi

Rufo Guerreschi, CEO
ParTecs - Participatory Technologies
Mobile: +39 335 7545620
Office: +39 06 53273090
Skype ID (VoIp audio): rguerreschi
Email : rg@partecs.com
Via di Donna Olimpia, 11 A2
Rome, Italy  - 00152

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