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Using 3com modem Independent Mode (without Windows) (fwd)

Salve a tutti, 

La 3com non fornisce script Linux per attivare la funzione di
Ricezione Indipendente per il Message Modem 56K. 
E io vorrei ugualmente usare questa funzione (avendola ben pagata).
Qualche informazione in piu', nell'originale in inglese allegato. 


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Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 16:10:10 +0100 (NFT)
From: Alberto Bigazzi <albbig@ipmma4.mate.polimi.it>
To: debian-news@lists.debian.org
Subject: Using 3com modem Independent Mode (without Windows)

Hello everybody. 

I've got a 3Com 56K Message Modem. 

This modem  is capable of receiving fax and voice messages 
WHEN YOUR PC IS OFF ("Independent Mode"). 
Very nice feature! ( makes the modem  fairly expensive, too). 

I can't use it with my Debian (hamm) !

The 3com package includes a Windows software  (Winphone) to deal with the
Independent  mode.  But it does not include any Linux script for enabling
that mode.
I wrote to them and asked for a Linux script. They told me they haven't
got such a thing...! I complained to them and I'm still waiting for an
Note that the modem is NOT one of those windows-specific modems. I use it
and works fine for connecting to my ISP. 

Now, how is it possible that it there exist something that Windows can
handle and Linux cannot ??!

1) Has anybody a solution to this? 
2) What information do I need about the "Independent mode" in order to
   write down a script myself and make the modem work? 
   Would that be possible, anyway? (how?)


Alberto Bigazzi, PhD. 
Politecnico di Milano,       

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