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Re: Oracle on Debian.. or Red Hat?

My expectation is that Oracle optimizes its product for and tests its
product on a number of systems, none of which is Debian.

If there's not a package in the repository, it's probably because
there's not enough internal (Debian) support for the software, and
because it does not comply with the Debian Social Contract.


I also expect that if you wanted to badly enough, you could put a
wrapper package together which would fetch the software, display the
EULA, prompt for acceptance, and install the software in a
debian-friendly way.  You could probably get such a package into the
non-free or contrib Section along with packages such as

$ apt-cache show flashplugin-nonfree | grep -A3 WARNING
 WARNING: Installing this Debian package causes the
 Adobe Flash Player to be downloaded from www.adobe.com.
 The End User License Agreement of the Adobe Flash Player
 is available at www.adobe.com.

This would require that you become familiar with the layout of the
installed software and how it uses system resources.  I would also
strongly recommend building a SELinux policy.

I do not intend to run a different OS on a system which I consider to be
a part of my AS solely because it is the only "supported" platform for
the software.  It feels too much like giving a third party full control
of part of my network.  If I were in this situation, I would either use
a different database or require the database conform to the LSB and The
Debian Way™.



Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary
Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
- http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Benjamin_Franklin

On Fri, 2011-10-28 at 12:00 -0200, Carlos Bergero wrote:
> Just to mess with you, you have a couple of Oracle over RH and other 
> over Debian, if they have similar load/use/etc, cant you get some 
> stability measures from both servers and evaluate it? May be you already 
> try this, so sorry but that would be the best evaluation.
> Sincerely,
>                 Carlos
> El 03/06/11 01:55, Timur Irmatov escribió:
> > Hi!
> >
> >
> > Currently all our servers run Debian, with just a couple of Oracle
> > servers under Red Hat. We have a couple Oracle servers under Debian
> > too. We're using Red Hat because our consultant says that Oracle runs
> > much more stable with Red Hat than Debian. Our team of system
> > administrators prefers Debian and does not want to support Red Hat
> > servers, if possible.
> >
> > Do you have any strong evidence/ experience that support this claim
> > that Red Hat is better for Oracle than Debian? Any advice on this?
> >
> >

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