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Re: Oracle on Debian.. or Red Hat?

Just to mess with you, you have a couple of Oracle over RH and other over Debian, if they have similar load/use/etc, cant you get some stability measures from both servers and evaluate it? May be you already try this, so sorry but that would be the best evaluation.


El 03/06/11 01:55, Timur Irmatov escribió:

Currently all our servers run Debian, with just a couple of Oracle
servers under Red Hat. We have a couple Oracle servers under Debian
too. We're using Red Hat because our consultant says that Oracle runs
much more stable with Red Hat than Debian. Our team of system
administrators prefers Debian and does not want to support Red Hat
servers, if possible.

Do you have any strong evidence/ experience that support this claim
that Red Hat is better for Oracle than Debian? Any advice on this?

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