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RE: [OT] CPU Cooler for 1U (AMD Athlon XP 3000+)

Hi Michelle,

> Now I have found on eBay:
> http://cgi.ebay.de/EKL-CPU-Kuhler-EKL-Carved-64-copper-1U-activ-
> /150632137310?pt=L%C3%BCfter_K%C3%BChler&hash=item231260025e
> and the price ist not very funny, so I searched for it through Google:
> http://www.idealo.de/preisvergleich/OffersOfProduct/397011_-carved-64-
> copper-1u-active-ekl.html
> and now I think, THIS prices are acceptable!
> Must only figure out, whether the screws fit the holes of the
> Mainboard.

That is certainly a decent price for a 1U cooler, but I'm not so sure the mounting will work. It sounds like your motherboard has something extra, which may be nice, but the the spec for K8 series of Athlons (Athlon XP is K8, non-XP is K7) fit into Socket A. This is very similar in appearance to Intel's Socket 370; I think someone mentioned P3 coolers earlier. A P3 cooler would work if it could suck enough heat off of the chip. In fact you may see some P3-era Cooler Master heatsinks are slightly smaller versions of OEM AMD ones. The linked HS/F is Socket 754 and above which uses a proper mounting bracket with tapped holes, instead of the little tabs on the socket itself to which a heatsink clips on.

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