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Re: rsyslogd logging to MySQL Database

Of course you may, at least we do it, we have syslog sending to a gew central syslog-ng, and syslog-ng is able to log to a mysql database because it is able to correctly format the logs, then write to a fifo file, which is read by a script and inserted into the mysql database, being further more viewed using php-syslog. 


Leo goehrs

Ps: we use it also to analyse apache logs on cluster configurations, ton consolidate apache logs on the fly using a non blocking technique.

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Hi all!  First time posting to the list, but have been following it 
almost religiously :)

I am wanting to send all logged to a remote syslogd/rsyslogd server and 
was wondering if there was a way that I can have all the logs recorded 
to a MySQL database running on the log server?  This would not be Debian 
specific as my environment has several *NIX machines running different 

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