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Re: Avoid not authenticated forged mail

On 12/23/2009 10:47 AM, Carlos Acedo wrote:

Once in a while I receive spam "from my own" mail address, many
users send mails to themselfs, so what I would like is to allow only
authenticated mail to be able to send mails to themselfs. Is that
--- cut ---
Thank you for your replies, I was considering DKIM, but I was afraid of
the overhead, but I think it's worth after all. I will also take a look
to the SPF records as well.

I would like to recommend ASSP.

Apart from ASSP being perhaps the best open-source anti-spam solution on the planet, it can block or score "spoofing" for non-authenticating users.

It does however have a bit of learning-curve in configuring it for the first time.


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