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Re: worldwide UMTS provider

First, thanks to all for the hints!

Am Donnerstag 05 November 2009 20:40:29 schrieb Michelle Konzack:
> International UMTS Roaming?  LOL!
> Welcome in the nightmare of kapitalism!


> You will pay at least 10 Euro/MByte with UMTS Roaming

hmm, yes
> Also there is no VPN possibel.
> I have SIM cards of over  20 international GSM providers and no one  use
> Public IP-Addresses.

Vodafone has good offers for europe. The "corperate data access" is very nice. 
I can do centraliced firewalling and having VPN on provider-site for low cost 
and can get fixed private addresses.. I need this worldwide.
Im wondering that there is no ISP offering worldwide service. So im thinking 
the better way is to look for an  ISP per continent.

Would be nice having some hints for ISP's per continent. Maybe this is a way I 
can go....?
any suggestions?


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