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Re: Maximum number of available partitions on Debian GNU/Linux (lenny).

On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 12:03 PM, Hans Peter Wiedau <hpw@quelltext.com> wrote:
> All SCSI disks are using the same major device number. Which device is
> addressd is determined by the minor device number. This minor device
> number is increased by 16 for every disk:
>   disk     minor device number
>   sda       0
>   sdb      16
>   sdc      32
> The minor device number of partitions is calculated by adding the
> partition number and the minor device number of the disk. So for sdc3 it
> is 3 + 32 = 35.
> So you are able to address 15 partitions, not more.

Thank you for the technical explanation.

I've decided to follow the advice some of you gave me and create one
big VG with smaller LVs of 64GB or 128GB where appropriate.


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