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Re: Maximum number of available partitions on Debian GNU/Linux (lenny).

Teodor wrote:
> So far the plan was good, in practice I've discovered that the Linux
> kernel cannot access more than 15 partitions (all the partitions >=16
> do NOT have a corresponding block device in /dev). I could create up
> to 60 partitions using 'fdisk'. However, in /proc/partitions and /dev
> only the first ones up to 15 are available.
> Does anyone from this list knows if there is a way to activate these
> partitions? Probably I won't need more than 25-30 but only 10 logical
> partitions are not enough in this case.
> Thanks

If I'm not mistaking, the hard limit to 16 partition is in the MSDOS
partitioning format, this is not a kernel limitation.

But really, I don't see what is your point in using so many partition
when you have LVM available. I really don't see how this would increase
safety of your data.

> Also, if the physical volume (PV) is corrupted I'm not sure if any
> of the LVs can be used anymore or all data is lost.
> With smaller partitions the chances of losing all mails
> are not that high.

While creating many partition can have some benefits (like reducing the
risk that a single user uses all the inodes for example...), I don't see
your point in trying to making physical partitions rather than using one
big PV.

Why do you think that there is a greater risk of having your PV
corrupted rather than having your partition table corrupted? This makes
absolutely no sense at all to me. Just use one big PV and create your
partitions in it, and don't try to make things too complicated for no


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