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Re: Web file manager suggestion needed


You have some good ones here:


On 22/09/09 07:48, Thomas Goirand wrote:

Because uploading thousands of files by FTP is both slow and stupid,
plus quick edition of files is very nice, I'd love to have a file
manager included in our hosting environment.

I am willing to integrate a web file manager for our user to be able to:
- see directories
- extract or build tar.gz files
- quick edit html or text content
- etc.

The issue is that there are tones of them available on the web, and I
have no idea which one to choose.

To be able to package it in Debian, I need (these are strictly REQUIRED,
a project that doesn't have it is not a candidate):
- DSFG free
- identified and active upstream author that I can communicate with
- Good security history
- Widely used and tested
- No windows icons or other copyrighted materials included

For a good integration in our web hosting software, I need (these are
strong specifics to my needs, but I could contribute them if missing):
- Possibility to restrict usage to a specific folder (owned by the user)
- easy to integrate in our open source panel that has it's own auth
- make and extract tar.gz files (otherwise, what's the point?)

Bonuses would be (eg: not required, but would be nice):
- Not too ugly, easy to re-skin
- Multiple languages supported using gettext()
- Support for web specific stuffs like .htaccess, .html (wysiwyg?), .php
with syntax highlighting, etc.
- Nice progress bars when uploading big files

Please give me suggestions, and in return, if a web file manager matches
the above, I'll work on a Debian package that I will maintain, so that
everyone will be able to use it. I've searched, and didn't find any in
the archive, I think it's really missing (if anyone spotted one, let me
know the name of the package).


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