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Re: Web file manager suggestion needed

Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:
> I'd simply use ssh/sftp/sshfs, or (if you really want to host FTP with
> all its missing security) curlftpfs. Another way could be rsync
> access.

We do have ssh / sftp / scp access already, made in a chroot, and using
NSSMySQL for the user base.

> The point is: You created a list of needed features, but I guess
> deploying that software is merely user demanded and your list is more
> or less a quick guess? ...or are you about to offer some kind of
> "public harddisk with easy web access"?

Well, I'm the main author the only web hosting control panel for
commercial hosting that has ever been included in a distribution. On our
forum, many people requested this feature, as other solutions have it
(like maybe cPanel, Plesk, ... I'm not sure because I don't use them).
Now, this is NOT something that we will activate by default for our
shared hosting users, but as I see it, our VPS and dedicated users will
be quite happy to use an integrated web file manager. I don't see why
this would be unsafe for them, as anyway they might be the only persons
doing any kind of administration in their server. And for myself, I
think I'd be happy to use it as well, so I could edit the content of our
own website directly on the web (gplhost.com is made of pure HTML). If
the solution was secure enough, then why not for shared hosting users?

> So what do the *users* actually want? Do they want to update their web
> sites hosted by you? ...?

Yes, that's the point. And I only want to implement a feature that is
already present in many major commercial tools.

Somebody off the list advised for http://www.ajaxplorer.info/, I think
it's very good, but I didn't see at all the possibility to extract a
tar.gz archive (one of the major requirements).


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