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Re: Web file manager suggestion needed

On Tue, 2009-09-22 13:48:16 +0800, Thomas Goirand <thomas@goirand.fr> wrote:
> Because uploading thousands of files by FTP is both slow and stupid,
> plus quick edition of files is very nice, I'd love to have a file
> manager included in our hosting environment.
> I am willing to integrate a web file manager for our user to be able to:
> - see directories
> - extract or build tar.gz files
> - quick edit html or text content
> - etc.

I'd simply use ssh/sftp/sshfs, or (if you really want to host FTP with
all its missing security) curlftpfs. Another way could be rsync

The point is: You created a list of needed features, but I guess
deploying that software is merely user demanded and your list is more
or less a quick guess? ...or are you about to offer some kind of
"public harddisk with easy web access"?

So what do the *users* actually want? Do they want to update their web
sites hosted by you? ...?


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