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Re: Web file manager suggestion needed

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am 2009-10-01 05:14:56, schrieb Thomas Goirand:
>> Michelle Konzack wrote:
>>> Am 2009-09-22 13:48:16, schrieb Thomas Goirand:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Because uploading thousands of files by FTP is both slow and stupid,
>>> You are stupid, because you  can  not  upload  thousands  using  a  sick
>>> webinterface.
>> Right, which is why I want to be able to upload with an ftp client and
>> then extract the tar.gz using the web tool. Thanks for saying that I'm
>> stupid without even understanding the obvious, by the way.
> I would NEVER allow such stuff, because you can kill a WHOLE server with
> it...  You can start with 26 directories each one contain a  file  "FOO"
> and 1 kBYte, then make in each subdirectory 26 other directories an put
> the same file there...

You can as well do this with a very simple PHP script. Shared hosting is
all about watching what people are doing and making sure you fire the
bad people.

>> Oh, was I so stupid that I didn't know what an FTP client was? Is that
>> what you think?
> It is a tool which is ALREADY in Windows, so user can use it easily...
> Drag-n-Drop

Thanks for enlightening our ignorance here! Do you know that this is the
debian-isp list here?

>>>> - identified and active upstream author that I can communicate with
>> Why is that funny?
> Most tools where once coded with the note  "It works for me!"  and  then
> forgotten...  Some years ago I was at the  same  point  while  searching
> some stuff for my website...

As much as I can see here:


you are not maintainer for any package yet in Debian, which might be why
you don't understand how much it's important to have an upstream that is
reactive, if you want to get a chance to correct bugs in your package.

>>>> - Good security history
>>> Will never happen...
>> Why?
> MOST tools are coded in PHP and do  not  believe  (and  you  should  not
> assume), the Debian Security Team is willing to maintain it in STABLE.

You don't understand how Debian works. It's NOT the role of the security
team to do maintenance, that's the work of the maintainer. Sure, you can
contact the security team if you find a hole, but there's a very good
chance that they will get in touch with the package maintainer for
patching. And anyway, just look into the archive, and you might see 100s
of packages using PHP.

> You say, you will maintain it, but this  happen  only  to  UNSTABLE  and
> TESTING and the it is the responsability of the Security Team.

Which you can't decide for them. I don't understand on what you are
basing on to say that ANY of the file managers will be rejected. This is
just plain wrong, lucky the security team and the ftp masters are not
that stupid.

>>>> - Widely used and tested
>>> Impossibel...
>> Why too?
> Most tools (I found nearly 70) are not referenced everywhere, so, no one
> can say it is widely used and tested.

There's a way too many file managers around, which is exactly why I
asked here for opinion. If you can't answer, leave others the freedom to
do it. That being said, it's not because you don't know them that none
of them is good for what I want to do...

>> The purpose here is to have something uploaded in Debian, did you
>                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> understand that very point? I don't think so...
> I think, YOU miss some points...
> Such tools MUST be prooven to be stable and secure...

Which is why I asked here for opinions!!!

>> There are ways using javascript, but yes, java or flash could be the way
>> as well.
> I am not sure, if the Security Team give the OK  for  JAVA-Applets/Flash
> stuff.

Why would the security team reject some packages just based on the
language use to write the app? That makes absolutely no sense, and I can
tell you that this is NOT the case!!! Look into the archive, and see how
many packages are using Java! The following is enough to prove you are
wrong here:

~$ apt-cache search java | wc -l


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