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Re: Web file manager suggestion needed

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Wow... Somebody's got some sand in her vagina...

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Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am 2009-10-01 05:14:56, schrieb Thomas Goirand:
>> Michelle Konzack wrote:
>>> Am 2009-09-22 13:48:16, schrieb Thomas Goirand:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Because uploading thousands of files by FTP is both slow and stupid,
>>> You are stupid, because you  can  not  upload  thousands  using  a  sick
>>> webinterface.
>> Right, which is why I want to be able to upload with an ftp client and
>> then extract the tar.gz using the web tool. Thanks for saying that I'm
>> stupid without even understanding the obvious, by the way.
> I would NEVER allow such stuff, because you can kill a WHOLE server with
> it...  You can start with 26 directories each one contain a  file  "FOO"
> and 1 kBYte, then make in each subdirectory 26 other directories an put
> the same file there...
> Believe it, I will kill your server by eating your INODES!!!!!!!!!!!!
> How many SysAdmins use 'df -i' if an error occur?
> 5 levels are eating arround 12 million inodes but only arround 40 MByte.
>> Oh, was I so stupid that I didn't know what an FTP client was? Is that
>> what you think?
> It is a tool which is ALREADY in Windows, so user can use it easily...
> Drag-n-Drop
>>> Any GuiFTP Programs can edit files...
>> That's not the point at all.
> Why?  Your webclient can only edit textfiles, not others...
> FTP-Client can edit ANY files using the appropriated program.
>>> Thats YOUR problem.  And of course, they are all sick and slow.
>> I don't think so. That's the issue of many people have a lot of pain
>> uploading a big number of files using FTP, while uploading a tar.gz and
>> extract it would be so fast compared to it.
> I users can move files on the Harddisk, you assume, that YOUR users  are
> to sick, to move files to a network drive?
>>>> - identified and active upstream author that I can communicate with
>> Why is that funny?
> Most tools where once coded with the note  "It works for me!"  and  then
> forgotten...  Some years ago I was at the  same  point  while  searching
> some stuff for my website...
>>>> - Good security history
>>> Will never happen...
>> Why?
> MOST tools are coded in PHP and do  not  believe  (and  you  should  not
> assume), the Debian Security Team is willing to maintain it in STABLE.
> You say, you will maintain it, but this  happen  only  to  UNSTABLE  and
> TESTING and the it is the responsability of the Security Team.
>>>> - Widely used and tested
>>> Impossibel...
>> Why too?
> Most tools (I found nearly 70) are not referenced everywhere, so, no one
> can say it is widely used and tested.
>>> ANY ISP do code there OWN stuff...
>> The purpose here is to have something uploaded in Debian, did you
>                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> understand that very point? I don't think so...
> I think, YOU miss some points...
> Such tools MUST be prooven to be stable and secure...
>> There are ways using javascript, but yes, java or flash could be the way
>> as well.
> I am not sure, if the Security Team give the OK  for  JAVA-Applets/Flash
> stuff.
> Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
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