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Re: [SPAM] Re: ssh problem

On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 05:57:38PM +0200, randall wrote:
> not sure what i did to ***** this up, actually no idea what the MTU
> actually does apart from what i read on google the last ten minutes.

Did you check if it was set to 1500 beforehand?

The Maximum Transmission Unit defines the maximum size of the payload in
every single frame sent on the interface.

For ethernet, it's normalized to 1500 bytes.  Virtual no ethernet device
does not support this value.  However, some devices silently discard
larger frames.  On the other side, gigabit ethernet supports larger
sizes and people tend to increase it around 9000.

Things that affect the MTU are (mainly?) linked to encaspulation. Most
commonly: ATM encap (like in DSL devices, or SONET/SDH links), 802.1q
tagged vlan on a dumb switch...

You'll have to calculate, depending on the network setup, the largest
MTU you can use.  

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