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ssh problem

hi all,

having a problem since a few months and i cant really figure it out.

i have a debian machine standing in China and i connect from Europe, so
going over there just for this is slightly cumbersome.

i did have some driver issues in the past but after replacing the
network cards it worked fine.

At the moment:
i can login using SSH and issue commands.
but when opening a file or starting top the screen goes black until the
connection times out, reset by peer.

i can copy files to the machine using SCP but i can not copy them back,
it stalls until the time out.

a website is hosted on the machine and you can connect to it but it
keeps on waiting for the server till the morning comes.

the machines acts as a router for a local LAN, eth1 faces the LAN and
eth0 faces the net, no problems for the people on the LAN

not sure what it is but my first suspect would be the firewall/routing,
i use shorewall.

so, before i try disabling the firewall etc... to see if it has any
results and risk losing the working LAN part of the story i wonder if
somebody here has a clue on what it could be.

Thanks anyways,


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