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Re: timed out while sending message body

Thomas Goirand wrote:
van Ginderachter, Serge wrote:
2009/8/20 randall <randall@songshu.org>:
Aug 20 14:02:26 mailro postfix/smtp[12590]: 3A2F5352D4CE:
to=<jane@example.com>, relay=mail.example.com[]:25, delay=3140,
delays=2403/0.01/3.9/733, dsn=4.4.2, status=deferred (conversation with
mail.example.com[] timed out while sending message body)
I have seen such things many times when sending mail to the China &
Far East Region. Often it's a bandwidth problem somewhere at their

Over the past few days, since the break of a major wire in Taiwan (after
the typhoon), connectivity has been disrupted. I have seen packet lost
rate from China Telecom to Level3 (LAX), PCCW hongkong to Singpaore, and
some issues with asianetcom as well. But it's slowly getting better.


i've never seen this before but this could explain it.


both bedankt and xie xie ni

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