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timed out while sending message body

hi all,

today i started receiving complaints that with some mails the attachment was not received or the mails not received at all.

this seems to be happening so far only with 2 receiving mail servers in China, these 2 have been receiving mail from my side for years already without any problems and the messages below only started appearing today

i use a zimbra setup (which uses postfix) and did no changes to the setup at least for the last month, i restarted the server today just in case but this had no result.

Aug 20 14:02:26 mailro postfix/smtp[12590]: 3A2F5352D4CE: to=<jane@example.com>, relay=mail.example.com[]:25, delay=3140, delays=2403/0.01/3.9/733, dsn=4.4.2, status=deferred (conversation with mail.example.com[] timed out while sending message body)

anybody has a clue or similar experience?



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