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Re: abuse report management system

2009/8/11 Andy Davidson <andy@nosignal.org>:
> This is dangerous, you wouldn't want your customers to see the original
> abuse request, and you wouldn't like outsiders to be able to cut off your
> customers by filing invented abuse emails that trigger the threshold in your
> automated system.  Serious allegations need to be checked with the use of,
> for example, netflow records, and you may require to build a different
> process based on messages from law enforcement agencies or similar.
> Abuse handling is a specialist skill and should be done by humans.

I dont want any of theese.
What i want is a system that will trap abuse emails and notify me when
certain client reaches the trigger of let's say 10 abuse emails per
month. Then i would analyze the records and decide about warning him
about the sittuation and finally possibly cutting him of. We often do
such things to our bussiness customers - if they send tons of spam
using our ip addrs we can cut them off  after 2 warnings (in Poland
sending spam is a crime) .


Wojciech Ziniewicz

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