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Re: ISPmail Lenny tutorial ready

emilio brambilla schrieb:
> going back to the topic, I think Christoph did a great work with the
> tutorial!

Thank you. :)

> PS do someone have some *recent* benchmark test on greylisting? I tested
> it a few years ago (say end of 2007) and it was very very efficient
> against spam (ethically it was bad, as it uses remote server resources
> to limit spam on local server, but on the antispam performance side it
> was very nice);
> now the sensation is that spammers learned the lesson of greylisting,
> and greylisting does not block anything... I'm right or wrong with this
> idea?

I have never have experienced such great benefits of greylisting as
their inventors made it look. There were graphs of mail serves with
massive inbound spam and it virtually dropped to zero. Somehow the
spammers that annoyed me have always a different kind. :) Besides I (and
some of my users) didn't like the tradeoff of delaying email. ("I
urgently need this registration email. Where is it gone?")

Greylisting has been a neat hack but IMHO it was clear that spammers
can't be kept off like that forever. Not sure whether they just try
again. I'd assume they abuse more open relays or crack servers. Blocking
off spammers with RBLs still seems to work best. And I'll try Domain
Keys (DKIM) and see if that helps a little. I'm curious to see how many
mail servers are using that.


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