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Re: ISPmail Lenny tutorial ready

Am 2009-07-19 04:14:33, schrieb Thomas Goirand:
> Christoph Haas wrote:
> > If the MySQL service becomes unavailable for Postfix then the sending
> > server will get a 4xx temporary error. In a huge setup I'd probably set
> > up monitoring to get noticed of such outages quickly. And I'd use a load
> > balancer in front of two MySQL instances (master-slave replication).
> MySQL replication only works with low loads. In fact, running MySQL over
> the network has a HUGE performance penalty.

This is, WHY I use PostgreSQL...  It performance miuch better.

Currently I am running a Test-Installation with Courier-Imap-Proxy,  two
Courier-Imap-Storage-Server and two PostgreSQL Database and a Webserver.

I am using 6 "Sun Fire X4100M2"  with  smallest  Quad-Core  Opteron  and
2x2 GByte of memory.

I have 180 Regular-Users on the  System  and  for  testing  arround  400
foreigners.  It handel currently my 4 own and 3 customer domains.

The next step is to install one or  two  inbound  MTA's  which  do  user
customised virus/spam filtering using courierlocalfilter.  Unfortunately
I have not seen a postfix/exim setup which  is  able  to  do  this  with
seperated Inbound-MTA, IMAP-Proxy and IMAP-Storage.

This is, what bigger ISP are using but it seems, each one  has  to  hack
its own stuff (Freenet, 1&1/GMX, Arcor, T-Online, KabelBW, ...)

> I filter things like /^dsl.*\..*/, /ppp.*\..*/ and things like that,
> known attachments like file.zip, details.zip and such, known X-Mailer
> like SmartMailer, Avalanche, etc, subject with medecine names

Here you would produce per day more  then  2000  False-Positives  in  my

Spamfiltering MUST be individuual and if you give th user options,  like
at <freenet.de>, the user can CHOOSE which he/she want. Global filtering
is VERY dangerous.

And of course, you can not use  /^dsl.*\..*/, /ppp.*\..*/  if  you  have
hosted Domains from your customers, because most customers ARE  on  such

> Courier-maildrop sends a (configurable) message in the INBOX whenever
> the mailbox reaches 90%, so it's fine.

Q:  I am using the courier-suite too,
    but are you able to use Per-User-Quota?

> > Can you compare that to mailman? I haven't used MLMMJ yet.
> Oh yes! MLMMJ is lightyears ahead of mailman, that is to me, something
> of the past. MLMMJ is really GREAT, and the dev team doing it very
> friendly as well.

This is NO explanation...  What is better?

I use mailman and courier-mlm and both are working perfectly as I expect

> On our system, we do monitor FTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP and web traffic in
> real time, so we can disable some accounts if they abuse.

Which tools do you use?

> Well, I perfectly know how to script things, our panel does all of the
> setup by itself, and there's nothing to be done by hand by the users.
> It's just that it's not really Debian policy compliant, and it cannot be
> sent in a postinst.

Hmmm, there AFAIK several packages in Debian which modify the behabviour
of other packages in Debian, but there is a  "debconf"  question,  which
ASK  the  administrator,  whether  the  package  should  take  over  the
configuration which the administrator should answer [Ny].

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack
    Tamay Dogan Network
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