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Re: ISPmail Lenny tutorial ready

Thomas Goirand wrote:
Christoph Haas wrote:
Thomas Goirand schrieb:
Christoph Haas wrote:
My new ISPmail tutorial for Lenny is out. Yay!
I had a look at your tutorial, it's funny to see that it's very close to
what our control panel does. In fact, we do absolutely all of what is
described there, except that we don't use MySQL for postfix as we have
found that flat files are faster: the DB is just dumped into flat files.
How many virtual users and aliases do you have? I'm not sure how well it
scales with more than a thousand users. I just have 150 accounts here on
a server that I used for testing. And I love the flexibility of putting
a row into a database table and instantly having the change online.
Somehow I don't like batch processes that create text/hash files unless

No pb with thousands of users...

If the MySQL service becomes unavailable for Postfix then the sending
server will get a 4xx temporary error. In a huge setup I'd probably set
up monitoring to get noticed of such outages quickly. And I'd use a load
balancer in front of two MySQL instances (master-slave replication).

MySQL replication only works with low loads. In fact, running MySQL over
the network has a HUGE performance penalty.

I have a multi-slave setup that lives behind a load balancer that performs without issues. The master is never touched directly; updates (i.e. sharing greylisting knowledge) are written to the pool and redistributed. I'd say as long as you keep your SQL query traffic under 100Mb/sec aggregate you should be fine. I don't know about beyond that because my load balancers only have 10/100 Ethernet on them.


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