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Re: lenny rant

Spiro Harvey wrote:
> Personally, I would expect any sysadmins I hired to be capable of these basics.

Bah, you expect too much. One should expect to have the community do all
the work for you so there's more time to complain.

There's a few people that post to the c-nsp list that I just want to
strangle; they ask stupid questions like "tell me what to do with this
router I bought" and expect the list to write configs for them. It make
me die inside a little every time I see them ask a beyond basic
questions and that someone out there is probably paying them as a "Cisco

Now, back on topic. Debian is very deliberate about how things get
phased out. (Compared to, say, Fedora Core.) Anyone who pays attention
should know better. Anyone who's used Debian for any length of time
should know that when different versions of something show up, the old
one is most likely gone in the next release. If you want to run a legacy
system, by all means, but don't expect the community to focus on it.


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