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Alex wrote:
Andrew Miehs wrote:

On 28/03/2009, at 11:00 AM, Alex <trace.localhost@gmail.com> wrote:

Could you be more specific? I don't see how this thread is related to BGP
Boris Pavlov wrote:

If it is a router with a full bgp feed you will end up with a lot of routes which you will also hit with your snmpwalk
It's not a router, i specified that it's a switch ( L2 )
the problem is not with the bgp itself but trying to walk too many objects, without expecting it. it showed up first with bgp routers and (in my case) OV, with the default discovery. it was a long time ago, about the last millennium, and is kinda funny answer - 'you've got bgp problem', when used in SNMP context.

sorry for any inconvenience.

so, you can have BGP problem with your SNMP, please, share back what results you've got with tcpdump.

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