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Thank you for your suggestions,  i will try it an see if it's faster
than my option with ssh and key auth :)

Another question : Is there an OID to find out on an inteligent switch (
ZTE-2609) what physical address is on each port?
Now i've done this using netcat but this is very slow and i have almost
300 switches on my network
I searched google and the MIBs from ZTE but came out with no results

Jeremy Winder wrote:
> This is going to be an interesting project. The first problem is snmp
> works on gets and sets. So you either get an object's value or you set
> and object's value. You can not do both in the same operation. In your
> example, you will need to setup an object that you can set the IP
> address you want arped to. Then you need to setup an object that you can
> get the results back from. To have box B arp, you would do a
> two step operation. First a snmpset REMOTEARP-OID, then a
> snmpget REMOTEARP-OID.
> Make sense? I hope so. I'm not completely awake yet this morning.
> For the get part you could use the NET-SNMP-EXTEND-MIB, I suggest google
> for examples. As for the set part, I'm not going to be much help as I've
> not done it.
> Another, option would be to walk the arp table OID
> (IP-MIB::ipNetToPhysicalPhyAddress) and look for your IP address.
> However, if machine B hasn't talked to the IP in awhile, it may not be
> in the arp table anymore. Also, during a quick test I found it takes
> Linux a minute or so between when a new address enters the arp table and
> when it is exposed via snmp. So your mileage my vary.
> Hope this helps,
> Jeremy
> On Wed, 2009-03-25 at 14:13 +0200, Alex wrote:
>> Hi, i want to run a script just interrogating a specific OID defined by
>> me, to be more specific i have two boxes A and B,
>> from box A i want to use snmpwalk to trigger a script which will run
>> arping on  box B that's simple but i want to pass the ip which i want to
>> arping via  snmpwalk from box A, does anywone have a clue how can i do this?

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