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Re: pam-pgsql and limit queries to UID >= 1000

This one time, at band camp, Michelle Konzack said:
> Hello,
> I have reinstalled (under Lenny) "pam-pgsql" and "libnss-pgsql" and  not
> it does not more work.
> I was not warned, that the dist-upgrade will trash my  modified  configs
> instead of asking me.

If this is actually the case (which I doubt) please file bugs with
script or screenshots of it overwriting your changes without a prompt.

> If PAM need  infos  for  an  UID < 1000  it  hangs  forever,  since  the
> PostgreSQL Database does not contain Infos about such UID's because they
> are machine specific depending on the packages installed.

Can you file a bug with an strace showing this to be true?
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