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Alex a écrit (Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 04:51:05PM +0200) :
> Another question : Is there an OID to find out on an inteligent switch (
> ZTE-2609) what physical address is on each port?
> Now i've done this using netcat but this is very slow and i have almost
> 300 switches on my network
> I searched google and the MIBs from ZTE but came out with no results

Take a look at netdisco http://www.netdisco.org/ .

It uses the standard MIB. So if your switchs do so, it should work.

It is packaged in Debian since lenny (thank you Oliver Gorwits) and
then reduce a lot the relative complexity of its installation.

Other project with same goals: http://www.nedi.ch/


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