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Interaction between mod_dir and mod_rewrite differs in Apache 2.2

One more Apache upgrade question:

In apache 1.3, a RewriteRule targeting index.html would work even if index.html wasn't explicit in the URL, e.g.

RewriteRule index.html /weblog

would Rewrite a request for http://domain.com to http://domain.com/weblog, so long as mod_dir was configured to use index.html as a default page. Now, in Apache 2.2, it appears that the above rule will only be triggered for the URL http://domain.com/index.html, not for http://domain.com.

Thus, some of our old rewriterules are broken.

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas how to fix it short of going into all of users' .htaccess files and modifying the RewriteRules for them?

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