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Re: DVB Card for TV streaming (ISP)

On 09/03/09 10:43, Norbert Schuetz wrote:
And because this, I was thinking to build a OS  independant  Python  GUI
which replace the "Browser" and open directly a streaming channel.
Have you checked the Xulrunner? It's is available for all three relevant
(packaged for Debian of course) and might make a fine GUI which could
even be loaded (and updated) from a remote site.

Songbird and Spicebird are some examples of what could be done.

I believe Joost used XULRunner as the base for their program to view TV programs over the Net (not as a continuous stream though, you selected a single episode at a time).  I haven't looked at them in a while but checking now, they've moved away from that to a website based solution using Flash, however it does show that it is a feasible platform to build that on.



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