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Re: DVB Card for TV streaming (ISP)

Michelle Konzack wrote:
Am 2009-03-07 11:41:27, schrieb Seth Mattinen:
In our part of the world you could be sued into oblivion for
rebroadcasting without permission, especially if you're selling the

Here too, but currently I am testing it only private...  I try to recode
the HDTV stream which is not realy funny since it has 100 Mbit...

but I don't know how it works over there. A real uplink
would be a feed from the broadcaster's master control, not a rebroadcast
fed into a tuner.

Oh, now I know what you mean, but where we install the WaveLAN, we  have
already problems getting a STM-1 there...  Hight  performance  broadcast
is no option, which is, WHY I contacted a satelit  broadcaster  where  I
can get the license...

This mean, we get the HDTV signal and the have to recode  it  for  lower
quality and Mbit/sec.

I have send  even  a  Video-CD  over  WaveLAN  since  it  requires  only
150 kByte/sec which is arrund 1.3 Mbit.  We want to use the  maximum  of
3-4 Mbit/sec.

Ok, makes sense now. As long as your hardware can handle it there shouldn't be a problem with encoding multiple streams from one server and then multicasting it to the customers.


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