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Re: DVB Card for TV streaming (ISP)

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello Stephen,
> Am 2009-03-07 17:59:06, schrieb Stephen Gran:
>> Streaming media is best done with multicast.
> Right, I know, since I have configured VLC for multicast, but since  VLC
> does not accept 10.0.0.X as Multi-Cast I have used an offical IP,  which
> I checked with nmap (and it is unused) and blocked it on my Router.
> Now any Multicast clienst can connect to my VLC server.
> This was working but do you have a better solution?
>> If you can't do that, get
>> a real uplink - you're about to push a lot of data if you're at all
>> successful.
> What do you mean with real uplink?  Do you mean a multicast IP?
> I realy do not like to get the TV traffic over my upstream providers  if
> I can get the Signal directly from a satelite TV provider.

In our part of the world you could be sued into oblivion for
rebroadcasting without permission, especially if you're selling the
rebroadcast, but I don't know how it works over there. A real uplink
would be a feed from the broadcaster's master control, not a rebroadcast
fed into a tuner.


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