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Re: Etch and MySQL 5.1 (64-bit)

On 20/01/2009, at 5:27 PM, Ing. Otto Marroquin wrote:

W4/Webmaster wrote:
if you want to address more than 3 GB memory in a single process, you
have to use the 64-bit code.

Why do you need so much memory for a single process ? Why your process
doesn't use swap memory, instead of real memory ?

You can only address 4GB of RAM with a 32 bit process - (usually limited
to 2 or 3 gb user space on 32 linux depending on kernel options).

This has nothing to do whether or not the box is using swap space.

Why wouldn't you want to use swap space - because as soon as you do, the
application (database in this case) becomes very slow - and servers
with 64GB of RAM are extremely cheap nowadays.

There are of course other alternatives, like using things like
memcached, and caching database requests, but this requires
the developers to make changes to the application.



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