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Re: Etch and MySQL 5.1 (64-bit)

W4/Webmaster wrote:
hi & thx,
PAE is not the best solution (as i read). and bigmem is not the solution
for MySQL. i read a good article - but in german :(

-> with 32-bit a single process just can address 3 GB RAM (by the way:
windows only 2 GB).

if you want to address more than 3 GB memory in a single process, you
have to use the 64-bit code.

Why do you need so much memory for a single process ?   Why your process
doesn't use swap memory, instead of real memory ?

thx & cu


On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 2:15 PM, W4/Webmaster <webmaster@w-4.de> wrote:

has anyone running a productive box running with debian etch
and mysql 5.1.X? both 63-bit (!).

the reason is: the  complete database should stay in memory / RAM. the
32-bit can address max. 3 GB RAM, but DB has >4 GB at the moment.

What about with PAE extensions on the kernel.. or the -bigmem kernel?

any experiences with that? any hints for installation? i just can find
mysql 5.1 in "experimental". far away from stable ;)

thanks for any hint / idea / solution!


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