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Re: load balanced nic

On Sun, 2008-09-28 at 12:25 +0100, ml10154@adreyer.com wrote:
> Shane Chrisp wrote:
> > It is quite common practise to set the ports to what you need so that
> > the auto-negotiation does not get it wrong, in particular setting half
> > duplex instead of full duplex. This is not so common when its 
> > "cisco connected to cisco", but very common when its "cisco connected to
> > some other brand".
> Well it is common practise, but it is also one of the major problems.
> People tend to forget these settings when they plug in other devices and
> complain that they have "bad connectivity" or low throughput...
> Please make sure that you do not disable the auto-negotiation on
> Gigabit-Ports (at least when running at 1Gbit/s) - it is marked as
> mandatory in the standard and you should rather fix the broken part that
> doesn't understand the auto-negotiation than fiddling around with these
> settings.

Firstly please don't send directly to me, i am subscribed to the list.

Second, its a bit hard to fix auto-negotiation in a vendors product such
as a switch, firewall or router. The sad fact is that not all hardware
plays nice with one another and you sometimes need to set the interfaces
to prevent problems. Yes that even means Gigabit interfaces. If the
interfaces negotiated correctly you would not configure the interface to
a set speed, only when they do not detect each other correctly. Maybe
that clears things up.


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