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Re: About the slowness of gmail's DNS servers

> > P.S: Please, DO NOT write to me as Cc:, it's written everywhere that
> > it's not the way to reply to a Debian list, and I'm registered...

On 14.09.08 21:16, Yves Junqueira wrote:
> Then shouldn't you (or the list server) be setting the Reply-To header
> accordingly in the messages? (Sorry, I didn't read the manual for
> posting to debian lists, so I may have missed the point).

read them then, please. Sending private copies when sendes does NOT ask for
them is violating debian list policy. So nobody's required to play with
Reply-To: (which is imho bad) to not get private copies.

Mutt supports Mail-Followup-To: header, unluckily it's only mutt afaik.
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