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Re: About the slowness of gmail's DNS servers

Jose Celestino wrote:
> Words by Thomas Goirand [Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 07:09:36PM +0800]:
>> Hi,
>> It's been the 2nd time that I'm having problems with gmail not seeing my
>> DNS updates after more than 24 hours, when the TTL is less than 2 hours.
>> Other DNS servers from other ISP have no problem. It's quite annoying as
>> my client is complaining, and it's hard to say "gmail is wrong, they
>> don't do like they should and like everybody does". My customer will
>> just not trust that.
> How come it will not trust? Is gmail the reference? Don't recall that
> being so...

No, but many people certainly think so. If Google is doing it, they're
obviously right. Here's a story I shared with spam-l a while back about
a similar experience with one of my customers:

I had a customer today complain that someone they regularly email (using
gmail for domains) was being blocked by psbl.surriel.com. After looking
at what the spamtrap had collected [from google spamming], it seems to
be rather obvious why. I've been spammed by google/gmail personally.
Nothing new to me.

However, I'm sharing this with the fine readers of SPAM-L because my
customer told me that these were false positives. [The customer told me
that] Google is a big provider and using a DNSBL that blocks when a
google server feeds a honeypot with 419 or lottery scam crap is not a
good idea.

I told him to add it to his whitelist, or remove that DNSBL from his
config, but that we would not be removing it from the default config.

Google does bad things, wrong things, and people think I'm wrong because
there's no possible way Google could be at fault.

Seth Mattinen		sethm@rollernet.us
Roller Network LLC

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