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Re: load balanced nic

Did you shut-down IP on ethX interfaces before attaching them into bond0 w/ ifenslave ?
Have you tried:
tcpdump -i eth0 &; tcpdump -i eth1 &; tcpdump -i bond0
(mean 3 commands in parralel, for analyze)
Also, in iptraf tool - can you see correct traffic distribution on ethX interfaces, compared to bond0 ?

23.09.08, 02:17, "Chris Parker" :

> All,
> I have a load balanced nic, bond0 that is giving errors on the tx side.
> each nic, slave 1 and slave 2 have a different amount of errors on the
> tx side. Also they each show collisions. they are connected to a cisco
> 3750 switch. That also shows errors on rcv and fc?
> The bond is set up as adaptive load balance. I used this one due to not
> having to change configuration on the switch. Atleast the kernel doc
> said there was no config changes needed at the switch.
> any ideas or pointers would be highly appreciated.
> if more information is needed please let me know. I do not have
> access to the configuration on the switches just the nics on the server.
> thank you,
> chris parker
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