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Re: job scheduling

Am Mittwoch 17 September 2008 19:06:18 schrieb Stefan:
> Am Freitag 12 September 2008 20:01:51 schrieb Michael Loftis:
> > time, or when there's little or no requirement for interactivity.  Very
> > different animals from what ISPs use/need do.  That said, billing systems
> > can be handled by job scheduling/management, so can log analysis.  But I
> > doubt anyone does that here.
> Im thinking this is also good for a "single point of managing" scripts in
> your datacenter.  Doing backups, database- dumps, movings from one point.
> Assuimg you have 1000 servers, how do you do your controlling/ monitoring
> your scripts?

no answer is also an answer ;) :)


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