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some weird upgrade problem

I have tried upgrade my Debian yesterday and apt showed me an weird error.
I am having the problem with python-libxml2 package. I have also 
in /usr/share/doc/python-libxml2/examples directory files like that:

?????????? ? ?    ?        ?            ? schema.py
?????????? ? ?    ?        ?            ? serialize.py
?????????? ? ?    ?        ?            ? sync.py

date of creation is of these files is 1st Jun1970 ?! 
I cannot do absolutely nothing with them. I have tried to use live CD and 
mount my drive not as a system one and remove them (rm -f), change owner of 
these files, nothing seems to be working with them. Every time when I am 
trying to do something I have straight something like: "You don't have an 
access to the file" (?!) Do you have any ideas how to fix that. 
thanks in advance
Regards Pawel Krzywicki

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