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Re: best FC-storage sharing/clustering techniques

2008/9/11 Jean-Paul Blaquiere <jeanpaul@blaquiere.id.au>:
> I think that an NFS server will provide you with more than enough
> throughput to your web servers.
> Deploy some LVS load balancers in front of them, and your throughput and
> redundancy will be manageable.
> If you can, push the web data into a database.  It is much easier to
> scale a database.

Thank You for your opinion.

We've chosen to use fiberchannel for we see forward to have something
like 100 mbits of traffic and 10-20 servers more and I'm totally sure
that we will deploy LVS with two loadbalancers. Yesterday luckily i've
managed to browse all the documentation and it will be a very good
solution. There's a slight modification of the kernel possible but
it's included in vannilla tree so no problem.

The "tight-neck" od the system could be the FC throughput, i mean
indexing of the files, but I hope ocfs will do the job of
caching/indexing this huge amount of data. If not - we will move
everything to databases ;/

I didn't know that services like youtube keep the data in network
databases like oracle  - of course it scale well then but what is the
overhead of such solution? Of course the bigger overhead, the more
machines you have to involve , but they probably dont have the
problems with money ;)


Wojciech Ziniewicz
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