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Re: best FC-storage sharing/clustering techniques

2008/9/11 Jean-Paul Blaquiere <jeanpaul@blaquiere.id.au>:
> I big question for you.  How much disk I/O are you in fact doing?  It is
> possible that you are going to create something that will cause you
> grief, if it's not implemented correctly.  Is an NFS server a feasible
> option?  It is much simpler to implement, if a little less redundant to
> start out with.  The scaling methodology is also quite different.

It would be countrywide service like youtube.pl but much more
specialized thus - smaller.
NFS won't do unless i would buy extra switch for "storage" layer with
gigabit ports etc etc.

Why I ask is that I have very bad experience with GFS  and don't want
to deploy it.

Moreover I don't have any LVS servers yet but heard that it is very
efficient . Maybe I can cluster the servers connected to one storage
server with LVS without using GFS/ocfs ?

And the last question regarding LVS - is that possible to easily
migrate from one machine with normal kernel/system to two machines
stacked into lvs cluster ?


> For a full clustered web server, look at the following :
> http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/
> http://www.ultramonkey.org/
> We have one deployment of LVS managing some streaming media servers and
> it's working without a problem.  (Along with the rest of our load balancer
> kit which is f5 and Foundry gear)
> ./jp
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