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Re: Debian on HP ML150 G5 (SC40Ge raid)

> Thanks for your answer. I've got the server day before, so I have
> noticed that it is a 1064E chipset (but has a label stating LSI 3042).

I found some drivers on LSI website, they are under GPL. Look very similar to
those in vanilla kernel 2.6.21. Just there are two additional files csmisas.c
and csmisas.h.

> It's probably not relevant to the controller, but Etch install CD will
> just panic on booting, however lenny businesscard CD works fine, but
> installs etch kernel, which also panics :( So I'm going to install
> 64bit debian in vmware on notebook and compile my own kernel and hope
> it will work.

Did you try expert install? There has to be an option to choose which kernel to
install. Otherwise, newer version of Lenny may work (I guess you tried with beta2).

> Just one more question - when I create a HW RAID, I will see it in
> linux as one "virtual" disk. And the source 2 disks will not be
> presented to linux?

Did you try hardware raid? Did Lenny recognize raid array as a single device?
Did you install it on raid device?

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