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Re: Supermicro IPMI and shell

ADORJÁNI Gábor schreef:
> Paul van der Vlis wrote:
>>> However, I could paste here the output of "ipmitool bmc info":
> (...)
>>> Firmware Revision         : 2.5
> (...)
>> My firmware-revision is 2.3, so I expect you are using the beta-version.
> Maybe yes, I don't remember.
>>> BTW, you don't need Windows for flashing the BMC. There's a utility for Linux
>>> as well, both in 32/64 bit versions. I used the latter one to do the flashing.
>> After long searching I found something like that, but I am not sure it
>> is correct for my card:
>> ftp://ftp.supermicro.com/CDR-SIMIPMI_1.12_for_SIM_IPMI/IPMI_Solution/Utility/linux_flash_utility_64bit
> That's probably a newer version than the one I used:
> # ./updatefw.x86_64
> updatefw.x86_64  version 1.1 (build 0609071)
> Usage: updatefw.x86_64 -f [Firmware File]
>        updatefw.x86_64 -i [IP Address] -u [Usr] -p [Pwd] -f [Firmware File]
>   e.g. updatefw.x86_64 -f newfw.bin
>        updatefw.x86_64 -i -u ADMIN -p ADMIN -f newfw.bin
> #
>> This is the only place where I found the file ugsim1253.bin:
>> http://www.filewatcher.com/b/ftp/ftp.mathematik.uni-marburg.de/pub/mirror/supermicro/CDR-SIMIPMI_1.10_for_SIM_IPMI/IPMI_Solution/Utility/linux_flash_utility_64bit.0.0.html
>> Do you use the kernel driver or the GPC-agent?  (I don't use them,
>> because I don't like close-source on my server)
> Neither do I, at least in kernel space. :) I used the kernel's standard IPMI
> interface.
> AFAIR the difference between the ubsim* and ugsim* versions are that the
> latter one can also speak encrypted IPMI. But Supermicro docs/FAQ tells this
> exactly, don't rely on my vague memory. :)

The AOC-IPMI20-E is not a sim-card. And on the simipmi-CD I cannot find
a manual for the AOC-IPMI20-E.

I asked Supermicro-support, and they told me that I really cannot use
the updatefw.x86_64-tool with this IPMI-card. They made a diskette-image
for me (with Windows) and send me the image...

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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