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Re: Supermicro IPMI and shell

>> # grep ^is /etc/inittab
>> is:12345:respawn:/sbin/getty -f /etc/issue.serial 19200 ttyS1 vt100
>> # cat /proc/cmdline
>> root=LABEL=root ro console=ttyS1,19200n8r console=tty0 vga=extended
>> elevator=deadline
>> #
>> Be sure to _NOT_ set up serial console for GRUB, because it won't work! Set
>> it
>> up in the BIOS and then let GRUB use the default BIOS screen access calls.
> Supermicro-support told me to use the latest beta-firmware for the IPMI
> card. This firmware is difficult to install without Windows (I don't
> have Windows). Do you use this beta-firmware for the IPMI?

I don't know what version I use. :) I flashed it several months ago, when the
server was set up, and then I forgot it. There is a file left beside the flash
utilities called ugsim1253.bin. I probably used this one for flashing, but I'm
not sure.

However, I could paste here the output of "ipmitool bmc info":

Device ID                 : 32
Device Revision           : 0
Firmware Revision         : 2.5
IPMI Version              : 2.0
Manufacturer ID           : 5593
Manufacturer Name         : Unknown (0x15d9)
Product ID                : 4404 (0x1134)
Device Available          : yes
Provides Device SDRs      : no
Additional Device Support :
    Sensor Device
    SDR Repository Device
    SEL Device
    FRU Inventory Device
    IPMB Event Receiver
    IPMB Event Generator
Aux Firmware Rev Info     :

BTW, you don't need Windows for flashing the BMC. There's a utility for Linux
as well, both in 32/64 bit versions. I used the latter one to do the flashing.

> Which terminal-emulation do you use in the bios?

I don't remember, sorry.



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