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Re: Domainkeys and ISPs

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In article <a6zce-5UT-27@gated-at.bofh.it>, Michael Sprague wrote:
> Second, let's say spammer@spammer.com sends a message to
> user@example.com and it gets by our spam filtering.  We forward to
> user@yahoo.com.  If we sign it, are we helping spammer.com in any way?

It seems to me DKIM is just not compatible with forwarding,
for that reason.  Most of my users have mailbox and outbound
relay service from their ISPs.  They use the domains they
host with me partly to hide that fact.  

When Yahoo requires DKIM, I just won't let
my users forward to Yahoo any more.  They'll have to choose
send through my SMTP-AUTH and receive through Yahoo with DKIM,
or send their usual way and receive here or elsewhere.

(What a shame.  Forwarding is straightforward,
while SMTP-AUTH is poorly documented and standardized.
*Try* to find complete, correct, and current instructions for
setting it up and running it on Debian!)

There is already a forwarding issue with AOL.  I can't stop
all the spam, and when I forward it the AOL user sometimes
generates a "SCOMP" spam report.  AOL doesn't believe my
Received line, as well they shouldn't, so they credit the
spam to me.

Maybe forwarding just isn't going to be practical any more.


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