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Re: Domainkeys and ISPs

cls@truffula.sj.ca.us wrote:
> There is already a forwarding issue with AOL.  I can't stop
> all the spam, and when I forward it the AOL user sometimes
> generates a "SCOMP" spam report.  AOL doesn't believe my
> Received line, as well they shouldn't, so they credit the
> spam to me.

I really hate them for doing that. I have one of my customer that is
sending regularly a news letter (every month) with his price list
updated (he sells computer hardware), and each time, I receive a SCOMP
from AOL. This user is sending this to his regular customers, but it
seems that one of them is marking this email as spam. This is just
totally stupid to believe ONE guy that doesn't take the time to
unregister from a list. I have other customers sending a greeting email
when a user registers a forum (or other example), and AOL also sends a
SCOMP. AOL does so much false positive, it's totally impracticable, I
hate them for that.

> Maybe forwarding just isn't going to be practical any more.

With ISPs like AOL, use mail alone, however you use it, is just not
possible. I think they'd better just remove all delivery in their
mailbox accounts, it would have the same effect as their current policy.


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