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Re: [OT] Recommendation for a bigger Switch



Andrew Miehs a écrit (Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 02:17:03PM +0100) :
> The UI is cisco-like - with a similar command syntax

Yes, but handling VLAN in not the same logic, for instance. In a way,
it's more like Foundry CLI.

> , but I wouldn't  be so sure that it cisco written.

For shure not. If you use rancid for scripting CLI interactions, you
have to use a different tool (hlogin vs clogin) that handle all the
differences of "terminal behaviour and handling" between Cisco and HP.

> I have been extremely happy with my Procurve switches have about 20 of  
> them now in all different shapes and sizes.

We have here ~ 50 HP switches (100 Mb/s and giga) and we are for the moment
happy with respect for our needs: only one failure and those boxes
have lifetime warranty by HP.

> Juniper now also make switches....

OK, but those are Rolls-Royce and probably overkill.

I stop there because it's far away from Debian.



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