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Re: [OT] low energy server HW

Am 2008-02-20 20:33:12, schrieb Anders Breindahl:
> On 200802201159, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> > Since I have enough from France, I am building since last year eight
> > Mobil-Homes/Offices (based on a 20 feet container but 10 feet wide
> > instead of 8'12") and each is powered by 20 Solarmodules (2600 Wp,
> > 24V)
> That's some solar panels. You're saying that you have 52kW available at
> best? -- why are you worrying about server energy consumption, then? :)

No, I am using 20 Sunset AS130 which have 2600 Watt peek together.

I have installed in August 2007 those 20 Modules together with a Wind-
Motor 1803 Furlmatic (24V, max 720 Watt) and testing some different
chargers based on DS80C400 and now a LH7A404 (ARM922T based, since it
can run Debian)

> > I am testing currenty a VIA EPIA LN10000EAG with 1 GByte of Memory, a
> > 3Ware 3W8500S-8LP and three Hitachi E5K160 60GB in Raid-1 with Hotfix
> > for the OS and (currently) four WD Raptor WD360 in Raid-5 with Hotfix
> > for the Maildir.
> Something along the lines of that would probably give you good
> performance for the money. Either that or AM2-cpu's from AMD. It's
> incredible how 2005 was 115W idle and 2007 was 80W idle.

But even 80W are too much...

> I would be considering the pico-ITX boards, too. Simply put, smaller
> boards tend to have lower requirements. For example the following, which
> is rather sweet (wonder if one could make a terminal server from such a
> thing?):

But the picoITX and µITX cost 2-4 times more then a Mini-ITX (VIA EPIA
LN10000EAG = 109 Euro, which consums only 12-Watt)

> http://www.mini-itx.com/2007/12/10/via-launch-artigo-pico-itx-builder-kit
> There exists some pretty hefty Core 2 Duo boards in that form factor,
> too. They, like AM2-cpus from AMD generally deliver scalable performance
> vs. energy consumption.

...and they are eating my Solar-Energie.  I have aaround 12kW per day
availlable for 4 Computers, Water-Epuration, Radio/TV, Light in the
night, etc.

> > I like to change the last 4 drives against the same type like the
> > first ones since they are the smalest and for a Mailserver I do not
> > need more storage...   Also the 4 Raptor consuming over 60 Watt and
> > four E5K160 maximum 24 Watt together.
> If energy consumption of hard drives is important, consider flash-based
> storage, which are an order of magnitude more economical. (But take a
> stand with regards to flash outwearing).

Already run a PostgreSQL on a Flash-Drive?  Or a File-Server?

Also the biggest CF-Cards I can get are 8 GByte (HighSpeed) and cost
53 Euro...

Also I am using already an IDE/CF-Adapter (15 Euro) with a 4 GByte
(HighSpeed) CF-Card which cost 27 Euro.  But I use it in a NMEA68 case,
because they are silent and very shock resistent...

> Actually---how mature do you, the debian-isp folks, consider flash-based
> storage for server usage? Obviously, one would shred the flash cells for

Storage Server on CF?  --  It's a joke!
Maybe it works for VERY static data but not for a ${HOME} directory...

> files like mailspools. (I suppose the inode tables also will suffer,
> especially when using maildir, where files are created all the time).

This is, WHY I want to use the HItachi TravelStar E5K160 60 GByte (it is
the smallest one and cost only arround 43 Euro) because they are made
for 24/7 use and the mailspool plus the Maildir are only 5-8 GByte.

> On the other hand, many on this list use battery-backed RAM (either by
> tmpfs+UPS or those I-RAM things) for peak loads on the file system
> anyway. So that only leaves somewhat more regular file systems usage to
> the disk, and coupled with kernel caching, SW/HW raid and firmware-level
> wear levelling ... It's rather reasonable, no?

I have an iRam and it consumes arround 36 Watt...

A very LOW ENERGY server could be:

    1)  VIA EPIA LN10000EAG
    2)  1 GByte of Memory (the maximum)
    3)  3Ware 3w8500S-8LP
    4)  3 Hitachi TravelStar 40 GByte in Raid-1 plus Hotfix
        for OS, /tmp and swap
    5)  4 Hitachi TravelStar E5K160 60 GByte in Raid-5 plus Hotfix
        for Data...

and this server would not exceed 60 Watt.  Since I am limited with
money, I am using currently 4 WD Raptor for 5) which consuming over
30 Watt more if I access the Data-Partition with Random-Access.  The
biggest problem is, that the Raptors consume even in IDLE mode over
25 Watt togehter which mean, the MailServer in its current configuration
consum always at least 45 Watt...

Replacing the 4 Raptors with E5K160 would drop it to under 18 Watt.

> > Even my new Workstation is a LN10000EAG (1GHz with 1 GByte of memory)
> > and it works quiet well...  Consuming only arround 16 Watt plus 27
> > Watt for my 15" LiteOn K15An (from which I have removed the AC PSU and
> > added a selfmade 24V DC converter thanks to Dallas/Maxim and
> > Philips/NXP which have send me free samples of the required chips...)
> Homemade generally is unreliable (and I'm not the *worst* solderer there
> is!) And what's more: You're the responsible, when things go wrong;
> you can't delegate it.

I am Electronic Engineer and I can not realy say "It is homemade".

> > Note:  The 15" TFT was consuming arround 86 Watt by 230V AC and now
> > with the 24V DC-PSU it is only arround 28 Watt.  Please consider this
> > as important
> That *is* significant. I can sometimes get infuriated with how producers
> go for cheap and simply waste bunches of energy in conversion. Your
> figure is however abnormally gross.

I have checked many Electronic stuff (even my Radio/K7) and it wast
energie in all directions which is in any case not acceptable for me.

Oh, my new Radio is based on Chips from NXP, Dallas and Maxim, support
LW, MW, SW and UKW, has nice touch control, Line-Out to my PC and consum
only arround 2,7 Watt on 3.3 Volt.

> Good luck living in a container! :)

Why ONE container?  :-)

I have currently four and building a whole Mobile-City.
Planned are seven normal 3x7 meter and one double size of 3x14 meter.

Not all at the same time, because each container (including Solar/Wind-
System, Batteries, chargers, isolation and heating) cost arround 40 Euro

And now add inventary to each individual container...

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day
    Michelle Konzack

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